LEOSA  observation  IAW 18 USC 926C

As a retired police officer in good standing you are allowed to carry a firearm nationwide with some exceptions.  See the LEOSA links on the home page.  This is not a training course.  It is an informational meeting where your course of fire is witnessed (observed) and recorded.

Participants MUST present a bona fide photo identification card issued from the agency of retirement and a valid CT permit to carry pistols and revolvers.  The course of fire is 60 rounds, witnessed IAW current standards on a CT CM-5 Target with a passing score of 245/300.

You will be issued a photo identification card as proof of qualification IAW 18 USC 926C, good for 365 days.


This course teaches the basics of property vulnerability and the proper courses of action to assess and minimize those vulnerabilities.  Students will gain an understanding of how to harden their homes and how to safely secure valuable items within the home.

This course is a 3 hours long course presented in the venue of your choice.

You and your ar-15        $100

This course is designed to familiarize the AR-15 style rifle owner with basic handling techniques, different shooting platforms, zeroing of the rifle, trajectory of projectiles, proper ammunition choice and capabilities of the rifle.  Students will learn the essential differences between .223 cal and 5.56 mm ammo, breakdown of the rifle and proper cleaning procedures.  Students will also learn the dangers of using improper rifle components, and improper ammunition.  A must have class for any AR-15 owner.

Course is four hours long in the classroom.

BASIC CRISIS survival skills     $65.00

Learn the important aspects of wilderness, home, school and urban survival.  Anything can happen at anytime.  The most important factor for survival in any situation is preparedness.  You will learn what is needed to survive...  Information pulled from FEMA, NTOA, ALERRT

This is a 4 hour course presented in the venue of your choice.

Basic land navigation  $200.00

Students will learn how to navigate using a map and compass.  This basic course will teach the skills necessary to navigate in the environment without the latest technology.  Students will learn how to follow an azimuth, locate their position, and plan a route.  In addition, students will learn survival navigation that will allow them to follow an azimuth without a compass.  It is surprising how few people actually know these basic yet invaluable outdoor skills.  When technology fails, these skills will last.

This course is at least 16 hours long.  Day one is classroom presentation and tabletop exercises.  Day two is practical application of the classroom subjects, determination of pace count, and navigating through varied terrain with map and compass.

Perfect for hunters, hikers, emergency services, and anyone who ventures outdoors.


OPFOR is an OPosing FORce.  We can represent an enemy element for your organization to train against.  We follow strict rules of engagement in an effort to test your abilities against active shooters, hostage situations, barricaded subjects, serving high risk warrants, scenario based use of force training, and more.  We tailor our scenario to your training objectives as well as offer a vast array of our own.